Name DAECHANG Research Center
Eric H. Yoon, Ph. D
Address 4 Na 506, Sihwa Industrial Complex, #1292-4, Jeongwang-dong, Siheung City, Kyunggi-do, Korea
Tel. 82-31-496-3148
FAX 82-31-499-2532
Researchers 1 Senior Consultant (Dr.), 2 senior researchers (M.S.) and 7 researchers
Organization Research and Development Team
Quality Management Team
Production Technology Team
  • Develop proprietary technologies for materials.
  • Develop new products for copper alloy.
  • Develop environment-friendly brass materials.
  • Localization of product.

  • 1988. 03 DAECHANG Research Center established.
    1992. 05 DAECHANG Research Center registered for Korea Industrial Technology Association.
    1996. 03 EM Mark authorized by the Agency for Technology and Standards.
    1996. 11 ISO 9002 Certification given by the Small Medium Industry Certificate Center (SMICC).
    1997. 04 KS Mark given by the Korean Standards Association.
    1998. 07 JIS Mark given by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan.
    2000. 03 Water Management Policy established and rewarded by the Minister of Environment
    2000. 06 EL Mark authorized by Korea Environmental Labelling Association.
    2000. 09 High quality material developed and rewarded by the Prime Minister of Korea.
    2000. 11 New technology customized and rewarded by the Prime Minister of Korea.
    2000. 12 'Campaign for Caring about Resources' promoted and rewarded by the Administrator of the Public Procurement Service Republic Of Korea.
    2001. 10 Type Tested Mark certificated by QAS, Australia